TrafficAdBar, The Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, Reviewed

This is a review of TrafficAdBar, the Manual Surf Traffic Exchange, which you can see below

Started in 2009 and owned by Darren Merrett, it has firmly established itself as a very different and popular Manual Surf Traffic Exchange. 

It is different to other manual surf traffic exchanges, because for every site you surf, you receive points, instead of credits as you do with other manual surf traffic exchanges

There are 4 different levels of membership, which are 

Free, Pro Lite, Pro and Platinum as you will see below

As you would expect with every level of membership you have, you get more points and more commissions.

Lets Look at the Free membership first of all. 

You receive the smallest amount of points (2~5)  per website visited, so therefore you have to work twice as hard to accumulate a decent amount of points to level up ( more about this later)

You also receive just 10% in commissions on your first level referrals

You receive 6% Commission for referrals who upgrade to Pro

You receive 4% commissions onfor referrals who upgrade to platinum

If you choose to upgrade, and the chances are that when you see how the free membership works, you'll want to upgrade to at least the 

Pro Lite Membership

Pro Lite Membership gives you the very minimum of 1,000 Guaranteed visitors to your website every month

You are able to list 8 websites of your choice, so it offers an excellent chance to build your list 

Every month, you are given 2,500 free points which are given to you every 3 days

Every day, TrafficAdBar sends out a daily email, which every member gets to read, that contain links to websites in it, including your primary URL, which is worth 50~100 points for you

Now when you surf at TrafficAdbar, you get between 10 & 25 points per website visited, which as you can see compared to the free membership is five times more

As you might expect the commissions are also double with you being paid 25% for referrals who upgrade to your level

So, how does this compare to  the top upgrade which is 


With the Platinum Membership, your business will go up another level entirely

Because with the platinum membership, you are guaranteed to get 4,000 visitors every month without fail

You are able to list 20 websites instead of 5, so straight away 4 times as many

You can also list 20 banners, and banners as you will know from elsewhere on this website are a very effective form of advertising 

Added to this, you get 50,000 free points every month, which equates to 5,000 every 3 days

These points help your website to level up. Levelling up means that you website gets seen by more people every 2 days and the video below shows how this works

As you can see, this has quite an effect on your website and works in a similar way to Google Adwords when your SEO is correctly done, but with TrafficAdBar, you don't have to worry about SEO, because it is a well ranked traffic exchange site, liked by the search engines