Welcome to this blog, I'm Dave Hayes, that me below

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Though this page is called about me, its more really for you the reader.

Let me explain why. 

When you decided to make a career out of 'marketing online' then it becomes exactly that a career.

It requires work to be successful, because you are after all, becoming self employed and starting your own business

Now it doesn't matter if your business is a bricks and mortar business, or you are running your own blog ( much like this one) You will need one thing


and lots of it... The problem is, where do you find traffic sources that are good, proven to work and which will give you opt ins to your list

While social media is a good place to go to and use, there is an even better form of traffic which will make your life online easier and smarter. not to mention providing you with an income

You see, absolutely every business, no matter if its on or offline, has two parts

The Marketing part and the Main Business Part, be that what ever it happens to be

Both cannot survive without the other. It will be the marketing part which will provide the income for the main business

So, to go back to the question "Where do you find proven and reputable traffic sources" ? 

The answer to that question will be contained within the Following pages. 

You are going to learn about the different types of advertising there are

Such as NON seo types

Mailing lists

Banner Advertising and a whole lot more besides... Not to mention reviews on each

Believe it or not, there will be over 18 years worth of proven ad resources to go through.

Used properly, as this site will show you, then you can quite happily achieve 

Financial Independence & Quit Your JOB if you have one, just as  did 9 years ago


Ready for some Lucrative Traffic? ...

Good, but first let me tell you a little about me now

I have been marketing online since 2000 and while I was still employed in a day job, but I brought a computer and very quickly discovered the online marketing world, becoming addicted very quickly

For the first 7 years, I flitted from opportunity to opportunity, having success and earning money, but not the type of money I wanted to earn. You see I wanted to work for myself, with my own business


Then I was introduced to a book which explained that the best way to get everything I wanted to enjoy from online marketing, I had to do one major thing .

Forget about my Opportunity 

And promote Ad Solutions other business owners needed to have to build their own business/es

Doing this proved very successful for me and in the space of 2 short years, had managed to earn enough money from providing ad solutions to be able to leave a secure day job and work full time online

In the pages that follow you will introduced to those very same ad solutions and be shown how to use them for you business . You can even read reviews on them, by clicking on the Blog page, and then selecting the review you wish to read about from the categories section on the right hand side

Ready to get started? 

All you have to do is Click The Button to start using the first traffic source