So, who am I?…

My name is Dave and since I was a little boy of 7, I have liked football

My dad, god rest his soul took me to Stamford Bridge on 29th August 1970

Why there?

Simple really, he was born in Battersea, Or South Chelsea, as Yuppies call it

And was a die hard Chelsea fan, as most people were from that neck of the woods

However, it seemed though I liked football as he did, my team was Arsenal

Not sure why, but it was. So on the 29th August 1970, we went to see

Chelsea v Arsenal at Stamford Bridge

In all honesty I don’t remember too much about the actual game. The result was 2 1 to Chelsea

But I do remember being in awe at the stadium itself, ramshackle as it was in those days, as the picture below shows

My early years of going to Chelsea were interesting

I saw George Best Get Sent off playing for Manchester United at the Bridge in Midweek

The Luxembourg part time minnows of Jeuness Detaucharage were seen off 21 – 0 on Aggregate