Step 7

Now Step 7 is without doubt the easiest way to earn money from Traffic Exchanges that there is.

It happens through a system called ‘profit share’

What is profit share

Profit share is what the traffic exchange platform pays you in return for you buying advertising and watching other peoples ads on the platform

How does it work

Like this. You buy an ad pack to advertise your business.That ad pack gives you so many eyeballs to your website on a daily basis.

You simply need to watch 10 or more ads daily, each ad varies in length between 10 & 30 seconds

The company take the ad revenue you paid them for your advertising, takes a percentage for admin costs, then invests the rest into areas to help make the platform more profitable and sustainable long term

From that area. you are then paid a percentage of profit share, either 3 times an hour or twice hourly depending on the platform, for ‘work’ you have done once

No recruiting, no referring or sponsoring required

One of the great advantages of this type of platform, is that there is no requirement to refer, recruit or sponsor anyone to the platfrom for you to earn money

The platform makes its money from external sources

However, what you will find is this.You will be so pleased with your results and the fact you earn money, you’ll want to show people what you are doing

As fellow business owners, who wouldn’t want to get paid to advertise their business

In turn, those people will want to join you, when they do, you will get paid a referral commission for doing so

Significant income

Now it is possible that you can make a significant income from this type of platform, however that is dependent on how well you follow instructions from your introducer

It has been know for online marketers to earn anywhere from $5,000 per month to over $3.4million pounds per year.

Those are not exagerated figures either nor are they typical results, but dependent on how well you follow instructions.

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