Step 5

Now you understand the need to drive traffic to your websites and the different type of traffic exchanges there are.

You now need to understand how to use traffic exchanges the right and smart way.

NB Believe me when I say this, there are some people who will surf up to 12 or hours per day just to get traffic to their sites.

You do not want to be one of them, otherwise you will burn yourself out very quickly

The link below, explains exactly how you use Traffic Exchanges the right way.

Doing this means you get lots of free advertising, referral credits and commissions as well

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This also provides without any question, the best training on the internet on how best to use them, without spending hours doing it

Also perhaps more importantly with over 19,000,000,000 traffic exchanges on the internet, you’ll be introduced to the ones which provide the best results.

HINT I have followed this training and the results I have achieved have been exactly as the training states

So, now your driving traffic to your website, the next part is learning how to build your list.

That is covered in Step 6