Start Here

Start Here

Starting online marketing is very simple and nowhere near as difficult as its made out to be.

This post explains all you need to know and also points you in the right direction, so you make as few as mistakes as possible.Directing you step by step

First of all, as a reader of this post you will have a business opportunity, something you love, are passionate about and have 100% belief in.

Now for the time being, you need to forget all about your opportunity, just for a moment.

Why? ~ Because, no one, but no one and that includes your friends and family cares about your opportunity, the reason for that is, they already have one

You eee an opportunity, is much like a J.O.B, everyone thinks they have the best J.O.B and no matter how much people ask you to work for someone else, you don’t want to because your J.O.B fits in with your lifestyle : )

Business opportunities are exactly the same, which is why no one cares how much you spout about your business, no matter how good it is.

Now thats out of the way, lets focus on what you need to do.

Be you

That might sound a strange thing to say, but just as in the ‘real world’, people buy people and online its absolutely crucial that you are you and not behind a so called ‘corporate’ image. Online its called branding and to find out more about branding you, click the banner below

That done you need to build a list. That is done using an autoresponder, which can be found under Step 1

Then you need to drive lots of traffic to that list.

You can drive traffic by many different ways, such as blogging, article writing, online social networking, classified advertising, traffic exchanges and safelist mailers to name but a few.

The best way to build a list is through the use of traffic exchanges and safelists. More information can be found by follow this link

You also need to make sure you track all your marketing efforts. Doing this will save you time & money and helps you focus

Finally, you build rapport with your list and then promote your business opportunity to your list, through the features and benefits the opportunity presents.

Thats how you start online marketing