How to start marketing online

How to start marketing online

Now contrary to popular belief, it is quite simple to start marketing online.Anyone who says it is hard work, is doing it wrong, probably because they have never been shown how to.

There are only two things that you need to focus on.

The first one is you need to build your own list, then you need to drive traffic to that list.

The second thing is, you need your own blog.Why? ~ Your blog is going to be your ‘virtual hub’ or the place that you work centrally from

Your blog is in short, your online office.Much the same as if you had an office in your nearest town.

Your blog and your list are the only two things that you own and have control of.With these two things, you are your own boss.Now thats a nice feeling.

Whats a list

So what is meant by your list?. You will have heard of companies like, AWeber, GetResponse, GVO and Mailchimp. These are all companies that provide you with email marketing software, these companies also are place where your list of subscribers ( and we’ll come onto that later are held).

Your list of subscribers are, exactly that… Your list

You will read a lot and hear it said “The money is in the list”. The true saying should be “The money is in your list”

Once you have these two parts in place, then you are effectively ready to start marketing online.


Now having these two marketing tool in place, the next thing you need to do is drive a ton of traffic to your blog.Without traffic, your online business ,is effectively dead in the water.

The subject of traffic will be covered in subsequent posts on this blog

However for now though, that is how you start marketing online