This is or at least should be where your day starts and ends.

Tracking is what determines where your marketing efforts should be focused, and especially where they shouldn’t.

Now blunt though it may sound, if you are not tracking yor marketing efforts online at all… Well then you are really wasting your time with online marketing period

The majority of online marketers, are simply told put a classified advert in facebook group and you’ll get leads from there.

Now while that might be advice of sorts, lets look at the facts.

Facebook has over 1 billion users, worldwide. So to put a classfied ad into a facebook group, when every other marketer is doing the same thing means that your ad will get lost in a sea of other ads

There are plenty of other places to advertise online, apart from facebook which will give you good results.

By good results, that means optins and conversions.. That equates to ‘crushin it’ in my book

So lets get back to tracking, after all thats what this post is all about

To get optins and conversions you need to be using high converting splash and / or squeeze pages to attract your target market.

Why use splash or squeeze pages

Well they have a much higher conversion ratio than a standard affiliate link

Equally tracking will ensure that you have 2 good hours productivity, than 3 bad wasted hours and believe it or not there are a lot of people who will market for hours and ignore their tracking stats.Then claim that Internet marketing doesn’t work.

Tracking tells you what pages work best, which exchanges they work best in and probably most important of all… Where your optins are coming from on a regular basis!

Which would you rather have or do?

Spend for example 3 hours on facebook networking in the ‘hope’ of getting say 1 lead or…

Spend 1 hour mailing out to ‘targeted’ prospects, knowing you’ll get at least a few optins from this activity

That is why tracking is so important