Blogging ~ How to get an authority blog

Blogging ~ How to get an authority blog

This post covers blogging and how to get an authority blog.

You’ll remember from the previous post that the only two things you own online are your list and your blog.

Now, before we delve into what an authority blog is, you first need to understand that you need a blog and by far the best platform to get a blog from is wordpress


There are two wordpress blogging platforms. and is the platform which will be discussed in this post simply because it gives you more functionality and control over it.

You need to be aware that is the free version, but sadly you have severely restricted functionality on that platform.

Search Engines

Search engines absolutely love blogs, wordpress blogs especially, because they are full of content and outside of video content, blogs are what the search engines ‘crawl’ for

What are Authority Blog

Now lets move the subject on one more step, because while the search engines love wordpress blogs, they really like what are known as authority blogs

Authority blogs and sites are where the person entering keywords into the google search engine is looking for a solution to his or her specific issue ( in this case its how to market online).

As a result of that search, Google crawls first for authority blogs and sites, as they provide the solution to ‘Joes’ problem with online marketing

So while a normal wordpress blog is good, it is far better to have an authority blog because they are already set up as such so the search engines find them

How to get an authority blog

To get an authority blog is dead straightforward, simply click on the link below

Click Here

This will take you through to a page where you can get your own authority blog in minutes, simply by following the on screen instructions.