Step 3

Internet Tracking

Now tracking your results cannot be emphasised enough. Without it, you will spend absolutely hours marketing online, just because you ‘like’ certain sites

Tracking is the difference between spending 1 really good hour marketing and 12 hours ( no thats not a misprint!) marketing in the wrong places

In my time online, which is more than 15 years now, one thing has remained the same. The majority of online marketers are spending ‘endless’ hours in the wrong places

Speaking from experience in my early days, I did exactly the same thing, often for 12 hours or more. Until I was shown how and why I should track

The tracker below is, in my humble opinion and having used a lot in the past, one of the best online trackers there is

It tells you which

Traffic Sources work the best

Lead capture / splash pages work the best ( don’t worry if you don’t understand these terms, there is training on it.

and perhaps most importantly of all, which pages give you your optins and from where they are coming from

As an example, lets say you ‘like’ using facebook and spend 8 hours promoting page A there

You also spend 3 hours promoting page A on twitter, but you like twitter less

Yet when you check your tracking stats, you discover that page A has produced 200 leads from Twitter, while Facebook where you spent 8 hours promoting produced 1 lead

You know for a fact that you need to focus your efforts on twitter

So to access your free tracker account simply click on the banner below

VitalViral - promote, track, build downlines with 1 link

How does vital viral Pro work

How to set your vital Viral Pro profile Up

The video below, explains how to set up your vital viral pro profile

How to set up your vital viral pro rotator link

The video below explains how to set up your vital viral pro rotator link

How to check your tracking statistics

Now you understand why you need to be tracking and how to set your tracker up, you can move onto Step 4 driving traffic to your website