Why you need wordpress

Why you need wordpress

This post explains why you need wordpress for your business.

There are several reasons really. Perhaps the most important one is that self hosted wordpress blogs, are visible to the search engines, such as bing & google

Self hosted blogs, allow much more flexibility than the wordpress.com platform, which allows you no control over the content you write

It then gets seen across the world, quite literally, using a super smart plugin called jetpack

If, as most people do now a days, you are an online marketer, then your blog becomes your ‘office in the cloud’. The cloud is the term given to anything with a www. prefix

It also posistions you as an authority on your chosen subject.Meaning people are far more likely to go to a specialist on the subject matter

One of the great advantages of having a self hosted blog is that its yours and you can deal with everything centrally which makes your working life far easier.

Another advantage of having a properly set up blog, is that it attracts traffic from all the search engines, namely bing, google and yahoo

And when you are using a blog as your online office, then traffic is the absolute name of the game. Without it, your business, especially and online one, may not survive

One of the ways you can look at your blog, is as your own type of social network effectively, especially if you have the comments feature enabled

Most plugins that are available, come with facebook compatability, which allows people to comment on your posts once they are published

After all facebook is the worlds largest social network platform with over 1 billion active users, so why wouldn’t you want your online office linked to it

From a business perspective, if you have linkedin connected to your blog then once you hit the publish button, it appears in the timeline of your linkedin feed

So in summary, that is why you need wordpress.