This page explains a little ‘about me’

My name is Dave Hayes, yes thats my photo below!

I am based on the South Coast of the UK, which is an hours drive from London roughly

I started online in 1998, coming across what is now known as affiliate marketing as I was looking for a way to earn some extra money working from home, as I was working full time in a JOB, but wanted to earn money a different way

I started to use a Business social network site called Linkedin in 2002

Between then and 2007, like most other online marketers, I associate with several diferent ‘affiliate marketing’ ventures, enjoying success with each that I affiliated with.

However it still wasn’t providing me with the type of income I was reading about others enjoying. Thsoe figures were in the 4, 5 and 6 figure per month earnings bracket

Two things

In 2007, two important things happened to me.

The first was getting introduced to a book called ‘magnetic sponsoring’ this book is no longer available, but it did explain how to have success with online marketing & earn the sort of money I was reading about others earning, namely the 4, 5 and 6 figure per month type

The second thing was also being introduced to a finanacial education opportunity, which made those type of earnings possible

So, as seeemed natural and because I was wanting to leave my JOB quite badly to work for myself, it made sense to combine the marketing strategy I was reading about with the financial education opportunity I was also starting with

Social Media

Following the marketing strategy the book was explaining

I then adjusted my social media profiles, by now I had with profiles on every major social network.

Equally I had a comprehensive knowledge of how they all work and how best to use them the smart way to leverage your time wisely, to reflect and show what I was doing

The success I enjoyed was so good, that in 2009 I managed to quit my day job to work full time online as a business education and Advertising consultant.working specifically in the small business sector, providing High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and Advertising solutions for fellow independent Small Business Owners

What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

If your not sure what High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is, then This Link will explain it for you

Since starting my own business education consultancy, I have also followed ( to the letter) a step by step system that you can find out more about by clicking here which shows you exactly how to earn 4, 5 and 6 figure commissions not per month… but per sale

After all, if you are going to move into an online business, then surely it makes sense to earn the type of money that you can’t earn in ANY job, on your terms

So thats a little about me please feel free to connect with me on the social networks shown on this blog