What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is without question, especially in this present economic climate, the safest way that anyone can earn money online.

There are lots of reasons for this. To highlight a few

You don’t need…

Expensive set up costs

A high street office


To pay sickness pay

to ask for time off

Affiliate Marketing means that you are a self employed salesman for a company or companies whose products you have an interest in

You are not limited to working for just one company, though it is recommended not to spread yourself to thin

Affiliate Marketing gives you the freedom and flexibility to work, where, when and how you want.You just need to put in the hours

All you need to have to set yourself up as an affiliate marketer is a domain name, preferably in your own name and attached to a self hosted wordpress blog

That domain name then becomes your brand if you like. For Example this blog is my brand and is full of affiliate marketing ventures.All of them established and trusted

Two Types

There are two type of affiliate marketing. Traditional or low ticket and High Ticket

With traditional or low ticket offers, then you very rarely get paid on the back end and the commissions you make are effectively the same as doing overtime in your job except you work longer and harder hours for it

The High Ticket model works a different way. With this you are high paid way higher commissions all the way through the pay plan.

Often you get paid 4 5 or 6 figure commissions per sale and this works out to more than your full time income.So its well worth doing.

The only work you need to do is … advertise and market your blog, so that you get visitors to it, who will then read the content your adding and if they see something else they like on your blog will subscribe to find out more

That is what affiliate marketing is

Why build a list

Why Build a list

When you market online, then there is only one thing to do and that is build a list. That is the only thing, outside of your self hosted blog, you will own

Your list becomes your own peice of real estate, because build it right and target the people in your own niche, you will earn a lot of money passively from it

Having your own, also means that you gain a lot of credibility, with fellow online associates as well

Why is this?

That reason is simple, when marketing online, you will fall into the affiliate marketing category by default and end up promoting one or more ventures

Vast Majority

Now the vast majority of people will then promote all their ventures at different times, depending on the success each venture produces

Doing this gives others an impression of ‘you don’t know what you are doing’ so if one venture goes down, you always have the next one to fall back on.

But when you build a list of your own, then you build instant credibility, because you are building your own brand.

Building your own list, also provides you with passive income assuming that it is, you choose the right place to build your list

If you build with AWeber, or Mailchimp for eample then you won’t receive a steady monthly income.

But choosing a provider such as Pure Leverage,

TrafficWave http://www.trafficwave.com

or Worldprofit does, because of how those providers are set up.

Among the many other benfits of building your own list, is that, if you are connected to an MLM venture you can build a downline in rapid time

Equally you can build different lists, for different ventures, so it doesn’t matter if one of your ventures hits a rocky road, you can still promote your other offers to your list

Think of it , as your body, with the different ventures you are connected to, as your arms and legs