This is or at least should be where your day starts and ends.

Tracking is what determines where your marketing efforts should be focused, and especially where they shouldn’t.

Now blunt though it may sound, if you are not tracking yor marketing efforts online at all… Well then you are really wasting your time with online marketing period

The majority of online marketers, are simply told put a classified advert in facebook group and you’ll get leads from there.

Now while that might be advice of sorts, lets look at the facts.

Facebook has over 1 billion users, worldwide. So to put a classfied ad into a facebook group, when every other marketer is doing the same thing means that your ad will get lost in a sea of other ads

There are plenty of other places to advertise online, apart from facebook which will give you good results.

By good results, that means optins and conversions.. That equates to ‘crushin it’ in my book

So lets get back to tracking, after all thats what this post is all about

To get optins and conversions you need to be using high converting splash and / or squeeze pages to attract your target market.

Why use splash or squeeze pages

Well they have a much higher conversion ratio than a standard affiliate link

Equally tracking will ensure that you have 2 good hours productivity, than 3 bad wasted hours and believe it or not there are a lot of people who will market for hours and ignore their tracking stats.Then claim that Internet marketing doesn’t work.

Tracking tells you what pages work best, which exchanges they work best in and probably most important of all… Where your optins are coming from on a regular basis!

Which would you rather have or do?

Spend for example 3 hours on facebook networking in the ‘hope’ of getting say 1 lead or…

Spend 1 hour mailing out to ‘targeted’ prospects, knowing you’ll get at least a few optins from this activity

That is why tracking is so important


Safelists are a an excellent way for online marketers to build their list/s very quickly and should be a strong part of your marketing strategy.

What are safelists

Safelists, are the online equivalent of offline mailing lists. They are membership sites which consist of other online marketers.

These marketers have given their permission to receive emails from other members about marketing ventures and opportunities which may be of interest to them.

Typically a safelist mailer will have thousands of members and depending on the type of membership you have, will depend on how many times you can mail out during a 7 day period

Mailing frequency

As an example, if you are free member you can usually mail to a restricted number of members once every 7 days

However, if you have an upgraded membership then you can mail out 2 or 3 times per week.

It is also important that you track your safelist mailing efforts so you know where to spend your money.

Fpr example you might like mailer A and have an upgrade with it, but it produces not very many optins

Yet mailer B, which is better and you don’t have an upgrade with, is where you should be spending your money and saving your time.

Either way safelists/mailers will build your list very quickly and give you above average optins and conversions.

What a downline builder is

This post explains what a downline builder is and why it is the most important, yet underused part of your online advertising platform

What is a downline builder?~ Quite literally as the same suggests and can be seen from the picture below, it builds your downline

Your downline builder usually contains marketing ventures which are proven and tested over time to earn money and in most opportunities will be the first thing referrals see in their back office

Typically a downline builder will contain anywhere up to 10 proven marketing ventures.

It is advisable to join each marketing venture in the downline builder as a free member.

You will provide you with an affiliate ID which can be your name or a number.

As you will see from the screenshot above, you enter the affiliate ID into the box provided

Admittedly it is time consuming , however its only about 30 minutes of your time.

Doing so will earn you 10% commissions from those who join your downline. This can amount to a couple of hundred dollars paid into your bank account once a month.

Now move that on one stage further by taking selective upgrades and one time offers.

Your commissions then increase to anywhere up to 50% and when that is multiplied by for example by 5 people following following what you do, then your income increases by a factor of 5

All for work doneā€¦ just once!

However the majority of online marketers don’t use the downline builder even as free members and as a result anyone they sponsor who joins a venture in the downline builder even as a free member gets allocated to that persons upline. Money for old rope!