The 90 day Habit

The 90 day habit

Online marketing boils down to one thing, as it does with any business you have, be it on or offline… Business owner mindset

Online marketing however has slightly more pitfalls than other types of businessses, because their are way more distractions for you

They pop into your inbox virtually every second. each promising large incomes in return for very little work.Get Rich quick schemes if you like

Which is why its is critical to your online success that you approach your venture with the mindset of a business owner

The reason why it is so critical is because a lot of people start online marketing when they are still employed or have other business commitments which are not producing the income levels they desire

That being the case, it is essential to make time during your current commitments to make sure your new venture is a success, hence the business owner mindset


From a personal experience, I started online marketing many years ago, while still employed, however it became clear quite quickly that I needed to make time for my success to occur, because the end rewards were way better than my J.O.B

Your first 21 days

Your first 21 days in business are perhaps the most important you can have.They lay the foundations down for your first 90 days

At the end of 90 days, you should start to see your first earnings coming in to your bank.As long as you are promoting the venture obviously!


Creating a 90 day habit, also encourages you to introduce duplication into your venture.

Duplication is where the significant residual income lays

As John Paul Getty once said when asked “I’d rather earn 1% of other peoples efforts, than 100% of my own”

Once your 90 day habit is formed, it is incredibly hard to break it.Which usually means good success for you in the long term