Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy the content thats written here and that it helps you.

Let me introduce myself first of all. My Name is Dave, I am based in the UK, on South Coast, about an hour south from London to give you some idea mentally.

I have been associated with the, for me at any rate, highly addictive world of direct response marketing, specialising in online advertising and marketing for small business owners and property consultants, since 2000 when I started in a purely part time capacity working from home round a full time job & full time professionally since 2009 ~ It is ‘work’ I absolutely love.

So lets put some meat on the bone as it were for you and explain how I came across the wonderfully addictive world of online advertising.

While surfing waaay back in 2000, I came across a website called global domains international, which looked interesting and I decided to join it, simply because it said earn money, even while you sleep. GDI as it is commonly known is still around today, even though I personally am not longer associated with it, more on that in a bit : )

One of the ways of promoting GDI was through an advertising source called http://www.trafficswarm.com which I promptly did for abut 30 minutes per day. From that one source, my GDI downline filled up quite quickly, so naturally I was fairly impressed.However, when I came to look at the commission structure for GDI, I was amazed to find that for every person I signed up, I would be paid $0.50 cents. so as you can imagine, working out the maths, to earn around $10,000 per month, I would need well over 10,000 people in my downline and all of them, would have to be active.

Clearly that was going to take some doing, so I decided that there may be better opportunities out there, which would achieve that goal, but perhaps slightly more quickly and so my search started.

For the next 4 or 5 years, I focused on just affiliate opportunities, partnering with a couple of companies, including vitamark, and earned good money from them.

Magnetic Marketing

In 2007, I was then sent a link to two things, once was a financial education venture ( but not rich dad), the other was too magnetic marketing.

The financial education venture was really successful and was fuelled by the marketing strategies explained in magnetic marketing

Anyway back to the stratgeies inside magnetic marketing. They explained that, all the time focus was put onto marketing your ‘opportunity’ then you would only ever earn X amount in dollars ( that amount was over what I was earning) but the strategies made sense. So I stopped how and the way I was marketing, deciding that nothing ventured, nothing gained, to try these so called ‘new’ attraction marketing strategies instead.

WOW.. Talk about evolutionary! ~ The strategies I put into place had an amazing impact on my business life and my online career

In a few short months, I doubled my prospect list ( well in fact I actually started building my own list), that was the difference, which in turn increased my income, which in turn enabled me to leave my secure day job, to move full time into the wonderful world of online advertising working with small business owners. That was back in 2009 and to date I have not looked back.

As a result of that success I have now evolved further into Internet Marketing with a company called Pure Leverage, who you can find out more about by clicking on the banner below, but amongst the things they do is teach you how to market on the internet, so taking you up a level from where you are now

How will this site help you

This site is intended as a reference point for you in your online marketing journey.

My journey had been further advanced since the start of 2017, with an absolutely no brainer evolution into the High Ticket Sector of Affiliate Marketing, following years of working in the more traditional / low ticket sector of the same area

How did this come about?

Well I was given an ebook to read, the same ebook that you can access by clicking the link below

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And having read it, discovered the ‘crucial missing link’ that I, along with 99% of all other marketers, for years had been missing

This one single thing is quite simply the difference between earning anywhere from $50 a month, to $10,000 per sale

In fact. I’d like you to read that last line again

This one single thing is quite simply the difference between earning anywhere from $50 a month, to $10,000 per sale